The Holy Spirit of God
Speaks not his own words,
but declares another’s
and makes Jesus known.

And Jesus said,
“if you love me,
you will obey my commands…”

Yet I think my identity is more important
And want to put it first
as if…

But then,
as it turns out,
my identity is in Him
after all.

Fill My Cup

I have poured
the water down
into the cup
that I have known.

I have cried
with tears untold
as the water
slipped on by.

Through the cracks
I watched it go
repeated scene
my dreams to throw.

And now I come
to you at last
as at the first
that I had lost.

Fill my cup
Yourself now told
and let me see
your glory.

Quittn’ Time

Lay hold the call
And hold fast the line
Make sure your heart
Soon be quittn’ time.

Lift up your eyes
And look far away
See that ghost-like army
Here it comes today.

The whistle’s blown, the bell is rung
And soft begins the dirge
We see the sun is dipping low
Lay down your every urge.