Quittn’ Time

Lay hold the call
And hold fast the line
Make sure your heart
Soon be quittn’ time.

Lift up your eyes
And look far away
See that ghost-like army
Here it comes today.

The whistle’s blown, the bell is rung
And soft begins the dirge
We see the sun is dipping low
Lay down your every urge.

One of Us

Burn baby burn
I will not be content
I hear the voices of the dead always
Their faces are always before my eyes
Screaming and gunfire is in the background of every conversation I ever have
And I am almost never wholly here
Part of me is always in the other place
And they are always with me
I see the dead.

burn baby burn.

Let the world go up in flames
I would not be more in pain
I would not then begin to doubt.

Let the heroes speak their peace
Let the angels blow their horns
Loose the devils to the world
I am no post-millennial.

I will not be consoled
unless by God’s own hand
I will not be sated
unless by His Spirit
I will not be calmed
unless by His voice in this wilderness.

I can feel your pain
and it hurts me
and maybe that
is why He became
one of us.