Remember the dreams?

Remember those days when anything seemed possible?

Now it’s torn at the seams

And the simplest element doesn’t ever seem possible.


Remember when the world was waiting?

Remember when your arms were opened wide?

Now the world is waiting

And you can’t stop the tide.


Remember when hope was everywhere?

Remember when long limbs ran far?

Now as beauty fades here

I can barely make it to the car.


How could we have been so happy?

How could we have felt so true?

Now I don’t ever feel so happy

And miss the times I spent with you.


I fear that soon I won’t remember

And all will just be doom and gloom

I fear a long and cold november

Sitting in this empty room.


Will you help me to remember?

Those days that seemed to never end?

When all was bliss and joy and peace

Please, won’t you please come to me again?

One thought on “Remember

  1. “dreams torn at the seams” great image!
    “Now the world is waiting/And you can’t stop the tide.” the use of the “tide” image is just perfect here, it illustrates to me just how immense and impossible the task is.
    Honestly, I feel like i’m reading two poems here
    your 4th, 5th, 6th stanzas seem to be a poem all on there own,
    and your 5th stanza has such a great rhythm. Take care, Que

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