Please let me imagine a way to be free

Please let me see it in my mind

Please let me imagine a happy life

Please let my heart see.


It is hard to plan for things

When you don’t believe

When you cannot even think them

What is there to do?


Like a little kid with Santa

Is sometimes how I feel

When I try to see an ending

That is more than just a crash.

4 thoughts on “Please

  1. I think it takes something brave to jar a poem’s flow, your very last line just “crashes” your reader back to the “real”…
    1st stanza: a safe and rhythmic pattern
    2nd stanza: an open ended expanse of questioning
    3rd stanza: personal and very real in bring about the feeling of “crash”

    I’m sorry, I hope I am not (over)analyzing your poem, just my thoughts after a number of reads. Take care, Que

    1. First of all, I love that you took the time to analyze it at all. Thank you. These poems are all pretty much first drafts and I intend to edit and rework many of them later (after enough time and emotional distance has gone by). I do not think you are even close to over-analyzing the poem. I love that you even read it more than once.

      As to your comments, breaking the flow of a poem is an interesting decision. It does often effectively jar the reader. I am always trying to communicate something to my readers when I write and that something is often emotional in nature. It makes me happy that you noticed.

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