My Friends

What is best today my friends?

On what should we embark?

In what dark corner should we move?

And light up with our spark?


What sad soul should we embrace?

And what tired friend should we support?

And what scared child should we protect?

And bring into our mighty fort.


The world is full of drowning souls

And hearts bleeding rivers red

Spirits broken on the ground

And flesh so truly dead.


How do we ourselves so frail

Carry others on?

And how do we ourselves so weak

Work to make them strong?

2 thoughts on “My Friends

  1. After “A Way In”, “My Friends” is such a soothing balm =) Very sweet and there is strength in knowing we are weak and still can help others =)
    p.s. (not to say that “A Way In” is not a great piece of work, it’s effect is just as powerful but in a darker way) =)

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