Did I love you at the first?

-Who could say?

Did I love you on the earth?

Well, then I had no choice.


But you never really do

– have a choice

It just hits you

And there is nothing you can do.


But you were so beautiful

And your exuberance was contagious

Yes, contagious even for me

Even for one such as me.


I know why they call it falling

Because that is what I did

It was like God tripped me

And then I loved you.




We Got Here…

If I take the time to write

Would it make you feel ok?

If I leave the battle clear

Would it ease your heart today?


I just want for you the best

Better than I’ll ever see

If you’re ok then I can rest

And find a way that I can be.


But fear is such a power thing

And hurt is so redundant now

When you feel you’re too broke to sing

And don’t know that you might now how.


“Happy is he…” or so it goes

Though never do I understand

But talking to me, it really shows

That I never understand.


Whispers of love fall from my faith

And hope shines like stars in the night

But blind as a bat I fall from the sky

Crashing in the middle of flight.


“Just get up and get out of bed…”

Or, “Try to do what’s right.”

Remember to listen to what she said,

And maybe you might gain some sight.

This Dance

Dearest of the dear I beg you for this chance

I never thought that I might last to ask you for this dance

The lights are low and candles burn

Please let me take you twist and turn.


The moon is out right over there

I can see it looking past your hair

I can see it looking past your dress

Perhaps I’ve simply made a mess.


But you look so amazing here

And though I trip and stutter dear

I hope that you will take the time to see

What’s inside that I may be.


I dream that you can see a thing

Inside of me that I cannot

And love me from the first bell ring

As I fight this awful lot.


So let me have this dance tonight

And let it be the way you dream

And maybe I can last the fight

And maybe more if you would deem.


We always want to know

And so we ask about

To try and find a way

To find a better route.


We always want sense

To make it and to find

But sometimes it eludes

And we feel in a bind.


We look around ourselves

And see so many Kings

And we cannot begin

To understand these things.


How are we to trust?

And who are we to blame?

And how are we to live?

With all this grief and shame.