When it’s gone the world’s astray

When it’s here the monsters are kept at bay

The cold breath in the morning air

That rises from the, “that’s not fair!”


The hot tempered rising scream

That we surpress as we boil and teem

The icy stare we fire at will

That gives the crowd its frightened chill.


We think that we know so much

About our rights and wrongs

But often we are swept away

Out to sea by angry songs.


Will we ever see ourselves?

Will we ever see our friends?

Or will we fill in truths with lies?

To find our way around again.


5 thoughts on “Grace

  1. Thank you. You know it is funny sometimes when people read a poem they don’t know what to say even though they really liked something about it. I forget that I have the same reaction when I read other’s poetry even though I write it myself. Poets usually want people to say something, they usually want to be heard… but the thing that gets me is that I never have any idea what I would want to hear from someone who has read one of my poems. It is always great to hear feedback, Cheers.

  2. God’s timing is perfect. Tamara Out Loud wrote about grace yesterday, and I read this poem of yours this morning. I don’t believe this as coincidence. Thanks for being obedient in penning these words.

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