We always want to know

And so we ask about

To try and find a way

To find a better route.


We always want sense

To make it and to find

But sometimes it eludes

And we feel in a bind.


We look around ourselves

And see so many Kings

And we cannot begin

To understand these things.


How are we to trust?

And who are we to blame?

And how are we to live?

With all this grief and shame.

8 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Well it’s not on netflix streaming… so I’m going to have to remember how I used to actually get movies (which was a considerable time investment as I recall). I’m sure I can figure it out. I still get vaguely angry that I got so good at programming VCR’s and now, well, you know…

  2. hmm, try streaming! i assure you that it’s well worth the investment, even if you need to buy it! my netflix streaming favourite? “brief encounter” by noel coward starring celia johnson and trevor howard. you must see it! you strike me as a rachmaninov fan (or potential fan), and the film is characterised by several of his pieces. spine chillingly fantastic! 🙂

  3. “You have been away for so long… thank you for coming back to me.”

    I just watched the Coward film. It was incredible. It made me relive all of my worst sins. I am almost as fascinated by my reaction to the film as I am by the film-itself. I haven’t been unable to speak after a film since I watched “The Virgin Spring.” Surprising…

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