This Dance

Dearest of the dear I beg you for this chance

I never thought that I might last to ask you for this dance

The lights are low and candles burn

Please let me take you twist and turn.


The moon is out right over there

I can see it looking past your hair

I can see it looking past your dress

Perhaps I’ve simply made a mess.


But you look so amazing here

And though I trip and stutter dear

I hope that you will take the time to see

What’s inside that I may be.


I dream that you can see a thing

Inside of me that I cannot

And love me from the first bell ring

As I fight this awful lot.


So let me have this dance tonight

And let it be the way you dream

And maybe I can last the fight

And maybe more if you would deem.


11 thoughts on “This Dance

  1. i just read this again, and i realised that if i were the recipient of this poem, i would feel feel very jack nicholson’s girlfriend (diane keaton) in “reds.” that’s another film that you must see, if you haven’t already. it’s amazing.

  2. nicole,

    given your 1 for 1 track record (as I haven’t yet seen the first one) I will see it (obviously then, no, I haven’t seen “reds.”). Especially since the first one was such an amazing knock-out-of-the-park. I’ll let you know what I think (but I think I’ll probably watch “Brief Encounter” again first). Cheers.

  3. I think a poem is a good rhyming poem when it’s meaning captures your interest rather than obvious/loud rhymes….like this poem, it was only on re-reading that I noticed “oh it rhymes too” =) You’ve captured the moment perfectly =) the questioning lines are the most endearing. Take care, Que.

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