Steel Pan Days

Easy breezy steel-drum rhythms

Start days the days you like to live

Every day that starts with the rock you love

Is hard to live so hard to have more to give.


I wonder with the screaming guitar at dawn

Would I make it through like this

Would I ever be more than just a little pawn

And with the double base kicking can you even find bliss?


Bring me the steel-pan and the good-time boys

Bring me my margarita and my fries.

I’ll have my burger for breakfast now

And I will gaze into imagined friendly skies.


5 thoughts on “Steel Pan Days

  1. You know, Megan, I do too. I can’t wait to edit this one and polish it up. I have to let it sit and breath for a while before I tackle it though. But (as weird as it may sound) I love those first two lines too (probably because I love those days).

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