The Fall as a Search

I wonder.

Do you?

The leaves fall in spirals and dips

Searching for the earth

Thinking they might find their rest

Far from the reaching branch.


18 thoughts on “The Fall as a Search

  1. season four, episode 18:

    there is a time of year in new york when,
    even before the first leaf falls,
    you feel the seasons click.
    the air is crisp, the summer is gone.
    for the first night in a long time,
    you need a blanket on your bed.

    (if i remember correctly, at the episode’s conclusion, a leaf falls. and your poem reminds me of that leaf).

    lovely piece.

  2. Thank you David. I really liked the last stanza of “Suspicion”

    “Unavoidable suspicion haunts the
    Very depths of her soul confounding
    Her senses with debate between
    Reason and Love”

    I love how there seems to be so much packed into a handful of lines and yet it all moves towards the central theme of the poem.

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