Things Not Seen

To see a hope is to know it’s real

And this is what we need

But darkness hides so many things

And souls need hope to feed.


It’s not the object of the hope

That needs to be right now

It’s the hope itself we seek

That keeps us sane somehow.


The race is long and very hard

And enemies are about this road

But boots in teeth cannot destroy

The soul with hope to bear its load.


Let all that sings be silent still

And let the hangman have his rope

The world in awful darkness waits

And fears the one who still has hope.


3 thoughts on “Things Not Seen

  1. And this is still just a first draft. I really like editing poems, but the first draft is always the hardest. I usually cannot bring myself to edit anything for months or a year after I’ve written it (well, poetry that is– obviously I didn’t wait a year to edit philosophy essays in college, otherwise I never would have graduated). Hope really is essential, and it is “the ticket.” It is fascinating to me as a philosopher, but essential to me as a person. And as with many other things the farther you are from the thing the clear it may become… There is only one hope of course. Let my heart be still before Him.

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