To Be

The wind it came and brought the fire

And this I think was hard to bear

The storm it passed and took its ire

And left a stillness we could share.


Some things were lost and burned away

Some things were left that we could see

I think we need to hurt to ask

And then perhaps we might just be.


12 thoughts on “To Be

  1. This is Great! It reminds me of the movie, “Things We Lost in the Fire” (I hope I remembered the title correctly). We seem to be on the same page of late–that’s always a comfort, no?

  2. Very lovely verse! Wind and fire not only destroy; they also cleanse, leaving essentials that may be subterranean. In which case, our digging for them brings the blessing AND, most importantly, a stronger connection to each other than before. The “hurt” becomes an awakening. Thank you so much for this poem today!

  3. to hurt and feel pain makes us realize just how vulnerable we are…but realizing that it is we not i…that too is strong…i like the silence and stillness that fills this poem…contemplative yet full of power…

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