To Hear from Him

I felt the hand of God

On my child’s heart

He took away my fear at night

When I had prayed to start.


I heard the whisper of God

It told me to look up

And I was so exhausted then

My soul an empty cup.


I heard the voice of God

It told me to wrestle hard

From front to back in His own book

With the evil I had sparred.


I fear the shout of God

Though I can’t see the way

And it’s hard to hear in this wild storm

And I can’t find my way.


But who am I to know,

Anything of Him?

And why would He my broken form,

Choose to enter in?


But now I know the silence speaks

And I am just a fool to turn

And if my fears are not made flesh

My soul the silence it will burn.





4 thoughts on “To Hear from Him

  1. Notice how easy it was to be with God when you were “feeling”, not fearing or straining to “hear”? Thanks be to God, you returned to allowing your soul to burn with love for Him, melting away all the foolish fears, indeed. Beautiful, beautiful poem–and how it blessed me today. If you read my own posts today at, you will see why! Let me know, okay?

    1. You have made me think about my own poem a lot more than I had even when I wrote it. I love thought provoking words (well, sometimes… but you know what I mean, I’m sure). I’m not sure what I think yet, but you have me thinking.

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