10 thoughts on “A Brief Moment, Now Gone

  1. Just wanted to wish you a blessed Thanksgiving–if you celebrate the day (I don’t know where you reside & have your being). My prayers are always with you, to remind you that God is nearer than your next breath.

  2. I miss those days, as well, but I DO NOT miss the self-effacement that kept me from writing about those strengths and those fierce efforts WHILE I was living them. Why did I self-efface myself into concurrent weakness of spirit while I was actually physically strong and victorious? Help me! Of course, you already are with your posts accessible to this wonderful writers’ community!

  3. So true, youth is fleeting and the flesh fails, but all is not lost forever. True strength lies in the character of the heart, and may yours be blessed this Thanksgiving day!

  4. A poignant reminder of the passage of time. I’m reminded of the introduction to the Gunslinger by Stephen King, in which he comments on the passage of the years and how we often stay stuck in an imagined younger version of ourselves.

  5. Hey soulwalker! One I loved was ‘The Stand’. King has a magic with writing, he can evoke so much and bring characters to life in a way that they can live inside you long after the book has been read. Even when writing a horror story about a car (Christine) he brings the car and the characters to life in a way that is pretty masterful. I’d also like to read ‘Green Mile’ because the film was so lovely. I’ve still yet to read the Gunslinger, although I’ve heard good things about it.

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