Senses That Fail

The hunger doesn’t match the fear

And exhaustion overtakes the soul

And if you look up just right then

You may find a hand to hold.


The things that felt impossible

Will drift away and dissappear

But only in the darkest place

Will you sometimes see Him near.


It’s not that in the best of times

You are all alone to fend

But you yourself cannot see

In happiness around the bend.


So when you cannot take the toll

And every minute is an hour

Look up to the clouded sky

And feel the hand of steady power.


8 thoughts on “Senses That Fail

  1. Yes! That’s it–you’ve got it!! God is always there with sufficient strength (power) for the journey/task. May He bless you richly today, brother.

  2. Your piece is full of pearls of wisdom and truth =) such a warm and reassuring tone =)
    I especially liked your third stanza, that it is only our perspective that is clouded but Who is there is always there…honestly that is something that is undoubtedly wonderful. =)

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