Eating The Cornbread

There are many things to see

And many things that you might taste

And many more that you might feel

And all your life to make a waste.


Urgency’s a funny thing

And comes from strange locales

But checking on the source is not

Something that we often do.


4 thoughts on “Eating The Cornbread

  1. I am SO with Betty on this one–even on the rare occasions when we “check” on the “source”, we either deny it is real or push it back into a dark corner of the bottom drawer in our self-deluding little brains! But I am only guessing (as a former Mississippi farm girl with our own homebrown cormeal in plenty) that you entitled this post the way you did to make us think of the simple basics? or the most genuine part of our daily “diets”? or …or…or?????

    1. I spend a lot of energy trying to find things that “work” on multiple levels and have multiple meanings. It is not that I enjoy obscurity and mystery for its own sake– it is that life is like that. It’s layered. It’s complex. Nothing exists in a vacuum. There is always a winner, even in the most awful of situations– we just can’t bare to look at it that way sometimes.

      I try to use lines, phrases, and words that can be a doorway into the complexity of our own reality.

      As to the title… perhaps you should listen to Dave Matthews and Tim Reynold’s song titled, “Cornbread.” I trust that it will explain a lot while leaving you with even more questions.

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