The Hanging

My hands behind me tied with ropes

And all of life before me there

I see the vision of the place

And hear the sound of grace so fair.


I do not wonder if the past

Were different would I be,

In another happy place,

Whole and right and free.


I know it is and would have been

For God is always just

And now I say goodbye to you

As you know I must.


The world will be a better place

After I am gone

Though some may say otherwise

We know that they are wrong.


I’ll think of you, of that I’m sure

And wish that I were better then

I pray that you are comforted

And find the heart to love again.


Please forgive me when I’m gone

For things I’ve done and said

But don’t be angry with these men

Who’ve come to see me dead.


There will be a judgement day

And this is just a taste

Live your life in view of this

Be wary of much haste.


But now my time has come my dear

I bid farewell dear pretty girl

You should find a better man

And let your light so be unfurled.


It’s hard to love this life sometimes

But love you must in many ways

Right and wrong are not enough

For there will be an end of days.

10 thoughts on “The Hanging

  1. How right you are to trigger empathy in us for this condemned, hanging man! How correct to rememeber that ALL human beings are very complex! Beautifully and poignantly written! In your response to JackieB.McSween, you state what a lot of us writers feel about honesty being easier on the internet. Do you know many of my friends here are afraid to read most of my posts? They KNOW they will feel guilty thereupon. Gee, I guess that means I have not really been too indirect in their presence, huh? Not that I have indicated I think they are less worthy in their viewpoints; it’s just that they must get tweaked in places of which I am not aware, do you think?

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