Valley of Shadow

Do the dreams we dream exist,
Here within our dying world?
Are there hopes that take on flesh,
And long at last we see unfurled?

Is there light which makes it down,
Here below the canyon walls?
In the darkest valley, here,
Here beneath the thundering falls?

’cause we know that nightmares ride
hoof-beats echoing their call
Fears made flesh we know exist
We can hear them at the wall.

Silence takes us to a place
A place we fear we must go
Only there inside ourselves,
We begin to even know.

It’s not that truth lies inside
But there, is where we can see–
But there, is where demons hide
And hopes long to see us free.


4 thoughts on “Valley of Shadow

  1. Soulwalker, it is SO true that our dreams exist deep within each of us. It is THERE we must look for the path out of the shadows into the light. Thank you for this poem of truth today. P.S. How can I get added to your list of poets and to your list of readers on your blog? I am serious: what do I need to do? Because I am so devoted to your blog and your posts.

    1. Thank you for always leaving insightful comments. You often make me think and rethink about what I have already written. As to the mysteries of my blogroll and its subdivisions… sometimes they elude even me… but you never know. I trust that you are subscribed to my blog, though. One of the “lucky forty-six” as it were. Cheers.

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