Struggle (A Song of the Promise of Christmas)

The war drums beat with perfect score
Counting dead and wanting more
They mark the progress lost in time
And at home the bells do chime
The seasons come with gale-spent force
And throats from singing grow quite hoarse
The shouts and cries out from the field
Mix with drums and singing steel
The maidens make their black gowns shine
And tune their strings to keys so fine
The air is thick and loud with care
As the vultures watch and stare
The drum beats seep into the soul
The running feet of young and old
The mighty thunder on the earth
As we hope for second birth.


10 thoughts on “Struggle (A Song of the Promise of Christmas)

  1. This reminds me of my first December after college, working at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, OH in 1968 during the worst of the worst of the Vietnam War. The multiple amputees, the unrecognizable burned being brought to the large AF hospital there, and we volunteers meeting them after going to prayer services in one of the base chapels where the manger scenes were already set up! Oh, how we all cried for Peace on Earth, a second birth for ALL mankind!

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