To My Love VI

Will you find me in the end?
I say in such a way I cry
Knowing I believe such things
Knowing better still I try.

Will I ever reach you now?
I say as if I thought such things
But feelings have a way I know
Of making silent people sing.

But what is worship here and now?
And do I crave idolatry?
Where have all the good thoughts gone
I guess I’ll have to wait and see.


6 thoughts on “To My Love VI

  1. i just typed a reply then closed my web browser before sending. i then linked back to this entry to re-post it. but i can’t because i think that my feelings about your entires are the same as yours for mine. confusion. yet intrigue. i think this post was lovely. i say ‘i think’ not fully understanding it.

    1. I have a question for you then. If you answer, and I am stimulated (intellectually) I will tell you anything you want to know about this poem… though probably not here. Let me know if you are interested and I will perhaps e-mail you the question. Cheers.

  2. Remember that song, “Where have all the flowers gone, gone to ……everyone?” I am finding more and more that is WE who must fill in that blank for ourselves, through our soul journeys. Thank you for a beautiful and haunting and inspirational post there today!

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