Come to Me

They told me I could be anything
And that I should believe
They told me I should follow down
The road my heart would lead.

And now that I am broken here
In the gutter dying slow
I think that perhaps my heart was off
And following it not the way to go.

There is no way that I could be
Anything that I could see
I cannot begin to fly today
And dream only to make it free.

I cannot get where I would go
And do not know the way
So come to me here down below
And sit a while to pray.


10 thoughts on “Come to Me

  1. I agree with Granbee, I too have found my greatest spiritual gifts when I felt I had lost everything and had nowhere to go. The heart, soul and Divine love show us the way always, I believe, leading us to our gifts of love even though we may not believe it at the time. At the risk of paraphrasing Granbee again, 😉 you penned this very well.

  2. I also agree with Granbee. All Seekers must travel through that “long dark night of the soul” (I’ve been through it many times) in order to reach the next level of our growth…. sometimes it is darkest just before we spiral higher, into a place of greater light and faith. Keep on keepin’ on, with that Beacon of Light always within your sight. And when the veil becomes heavy (as it sometimes does) KNOW that it is there, still leading the Way. Blessings to you!

  3. Soul Walker – do you believe in synchronicity? I came across this last night and it seemed meant for you – so I’m passing it along:

    “Lay strong corner-stones of purpose and prepare
    Great blocks of wisdom cut from past despair.
    Shape mighty pillars of resolve to set
    deep in the tear-wet mortar of regret.
    Work on with patience though thy toil be slow,
    Yet day by day thy edifice shall grow.
    believe in GOD – in thine own self believe –
    All thou hast desired thou shalt achieve.”

    (Author unknown)

    I KNOW your “edifice” shall grow…..

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