And All the World Went Gone

And then I saw her breasts
And all the world went gone
And despair set in at beauty’s touch
And I began to fawn.

The thing that gets me when I think
On all those years ago
Is what I missed by being dumb
And how my heart laid low.

I can’t believe the things I said
And meant with all my heart
But Solomon wise Solomon,
Had it from the start.

“Do you believe in chances?”
My friend once asked of me
Second, third, eternity
“I have no choice, you see.”

I feel a slave to what I know
And this is surely true
Feelings and beliefs are wild
Untamed by me and you.

The heart has tricks and uses them
To try and sooth its pains
But even in the desert place
The spring can bring the rains.

The promises of deadly sin
Are honey on the tongue
But when you’re old and grey my friend
So will be the young.

The more things change the more they stay
Exactly just the same
Can you fight the soul inside?
Can your heart be tame?

When they lay me in the dirt
Or burn me out at sea
I hope the dream those breasts evoked
Can ever sinless be.

4 thoughts on “And All the World Went Gone

  1. I Seriously, seriously like this–I can’t even find accurate words to describe. But then I just got back from Christmas Eve dinner at my oldest friend’s, and –uncharacteristically–consumed an amount of wine. So, my typing may be off–but my appreciation of of your work remains true. It seems to me that your poems have changed/improved since I began reading in late August–is it me? Or have you had a significant life event–that you’re not obliged to share? Very best to you, wherever you are–Christmas is less than 2 hours away in the Pac NW, USA… God bless you!

    (Maybe this will amuse you–but honestly, I’m certain that when I re-read the poem manana, I’ll still seriously-seriously like it.)

  2. Sinless dreaming of breasts–of course the soul can manage that state as it “passes to the other side”. I so very much appreciate your verses about not fighting one’s soul or one’s heart.

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