A Veil We See

The sweetness of the darkest dream
The rapture of the holy fear
The weakness in our deepest want
These are things that we hold dear.

Susceptible to sweet hot lies
That promise all our hearts desire
And promise all the pain to burn
And cover in that righteous fire.

As all the best lies always are
It comes to you as mostly true
And just the smallest little twist
Is waiting at the end for you.

And so we fall and go our way
And get what we deserve
And find the truth about the lies
And mostly lose our nerve.

Or we come to darkest climes
And think that life is pain
And never quite can separate
The lie from truth again.

Now I lay me down to sleep
And I pray my mind to keep
Not by my hand for it will fail
Keep me Lord, who broke the veil.

12 thoughts on “A Veil We See

  1. “…to break the veil” Now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face? We do need to pray to keed our minds when we break the veil even slightly for a peek into that other, parallel universe.

  2. I want to say so much about the thoughts that this poem evokes in me: the veil, how it is brightness/light but also darkness, the lies – better to see or not see, that what the eyes have seen can never be unseen… so many things. A very clever poem, Soul Walker!

  3. I love the steadiness of rhythm and rhyme in this, like wisdom gently walking the reader to understanding of a profound mystery. Nicely written, and so true!

    1. I do love rhythms. I must admit that “The Lady of the Lake” is one of my favourite poems of all time. I’m pretty sure that that poem sucks you in with the rhythm even before you know what the poem is about.

  4. That broken veil………… This reminds me of a time I went through years ago, painful realizations of truth as they become ready to evolve into another level of Seeing – of greater Truths. Maybe I’m reading it wrong, but It sounds like you’re going through a period of tremendous growth right now, which mostly happens on unconscious levels and manifests in disillusionment. I see a beacon of light up ahead…… Keep on keepin’ on!

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