So Happy in the Rain

And then I stopped the car
And Coaxed you out of doors
Turned the music up
And danced with you so slow
The rain poured down upon us
And laughing as we went
I twirled you round and round
The sweetest angel then
I never had another girl
Quite the same as you
I hope you dance again some day
So happy in the rain.

16 thoughts on “So Happy in the Rain

  1. I wish I were no where else at this moment for, I too, wish to be that girl in your poem and can imagine it all too well 🙂 This is beautiful and romantic ~ thank you!

    Some of my favorite times have been in the rain and I’ve taken my daughter out dozens of times in her life to splash and play like a couple of kids ~ it’s so innocent, pure and refreshing for the soul 🙂 Thank you and Happy New Year!

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