I want you in the darkest night
Your naked form to comfort me
Send me home when it is time
Take me as I want to be.

Cut through all the sitting mist
Shrouding thoughts I had to love
Send me home my sweetest girl
Show me things from up above.

The raging sea fights war with land
And death is at the door
Send me home my heart’s desire
And teach me to want more.

6 thoughts on “Truth

        1. Well granbee’s question seems to imply that there is a true self and either a false self or an ability to “wander away” from our true self and somehow live not as our true selves (and thus necessitate a return “home to ourselves”). Now my language is a bit sloppy and I could have got her wrong… but I don’t know if it is possible to escape yourself in a meaningful way (and I’ve tried).

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