Our Fool Courage

Who has wrought the heavens?
And stuck us with a magic tree,
And let us kill and hate ourselves
Every day our souls to plea.

And who are we that cry so loud?
In the desert where we’re found
And why the faces full of tears?
As we struggle through these years.

Around we go
We jump and hop
We dance and sing
And then we stop.

Light falls from other planes
To make our burdens known
And He who came as us in form
Will come again some day.

Let the stones be silent now
As we cry in our great fear
He whose sword is drenched in blood
We pray his violence to draw near.


What Love Could Fight?

Who would fight for his enemy?
Who would strive for his soul?
Who would fight for the devil?
Way down in this hole?

Who would lay their life down?
Who would pick it up?
When all around are wicked
Who never feel enough.

What love is this that sings its song
To souls so wretched poor?
And whispers to the dying man
To open up that door.

Listening to Script

They lost the day but won the war

And never heard the shot

Let the mob bring out their dead

And hang them on the spot.


I miss the days when hope was fresh

And wish for times gone by

But here we are again to see

The burning of the sky.


The blessed relics brought to bear

And sacred words are said aloud

The people come to gape and stare

But nothing’s left except this shroud.


They say that freedom wants a voice

It waits for those who seek

But strong men do not find their choice

And serve the lowly meek.

Enter In

before you enter in
there are things that you should know
nothing is the same again
once you choose to go.

I think you think you’re ready
but I’m not so sure
you aren’t afraid and that’s not safe
maybe you should go
maybe, but it’s not for me
to ever keep you out
but once you step your foot inside…

Searching Heart

Whiskey bottom hear my plea
I want to cry between her breasts
Let the aching cease to be
And let your arrows pierce this mess.

Death and boredom make their call
Reaching out to those in need
Feeding on the lonely’s fall
And drinking from the bloodless deed.

Never more we shout in time
A chorus of the aging heart
Whiskey bottom take my dime
Sing me to another start.

Soothing every seeping wound
Let The heart forget its day
Whiskey come and carry me
Take me home another way.