A Conversation

“There is hope.”
“No, no there isn’t.”
“It falls like rain.”
“The desert remains dry.”
“The earth is pregnant with it.”
“The earth is dying.”
“You must believe.”
“No one has that power, not even God.”
“Well what can I say then?”
“I do not think I know. I would have said it to myself if I knew.”
“Do not give up.”
“The way is hard.”
“I know it is.”
“Perhaps you would wait for me.”
“I would.”
“Then perhaps you are right, perhaps there is hope.”


6 thoughts on “A Conversation

  1. Sometimes the most powerful comfort comes not from a friend’s words but from his mere presence. In my walk, Jesus’ words “fear not for I am with you” have proven much more powerful and comforting than had he given me a detailed description and analysis of my trial. Thank you for sharing this conversation.

  2. He stands at the door and knocks, waiting and waiting so gently that our shouting to our old selves on the other side of the door drowns out His patient whispers. We must be still and know that he is He.

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