I Fear To Have You Look Upon Me

Blessings follow righteous men
And I will take the slop
The way my heart deceives itself
Makes it hard to stop.

The devil is a lying soul
And knows my weakest thought
But it is I who rush to sin
And make my blessings naught.

I only want to see your face
And worship at your feet
But fear to feel your iron gaze
Should our eyes but meet.

I am not a righteous man
So wicked down inside
Do not look upon me Lord
I’ve nowhere left to hide.

The only thing that will save
Is what I fear the most to see
That you might turn your sight this way
And then in time consider me.


8 thoughts on “I Fear To Have You Look Upon Me

  1. Indeed, it would be fearful beyond imagination to have the Lord look upon us directly here in the flesh. But remember, He actually does that whether we are “ready or not”(remember the hide-and-go-seek child’s game line from whoever was “it”?) But our seeing Him “face to face”–we will only be able to do that in our incorruptible, raised-up bodies. But we see his love and his handiwork each day if we only look into the light!

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