Listening to Script

They lost the day but won the war

And never heard the shot

Let the mob bring out their dead

And hang them on the spot.


I miss the days when hope was fresh

And wish for times gone by

But here we are again to see

The burning of the sky.


The blessed relics brought to bear

And sacred words are said aloud

The people come to gape and stare

But nothing’s left except this shroud.


They say that freedom wants a voice

It waits for those who seek

But strong men do not find their choice

And serve the lowly meek.

4 thoughts on “Listening to Script

  1. The very strongest people serve the very meekest. We know of One who lived this out, walking amongst us here on earth. The lines about fire in the sky remind me of 09/11/2001. My daughter was scheduled to be on the 101st floor of the North Tower than morning for a business appointment. It was re-scheduled the night before. What if she had not checked her voicmail before leaving that morning? She had returned very late at night from an out of town seminar. Fire in this mother’s soul, I can tell you. I realize I am among thousands, if not millions, whose heart’s were singed that morning. We are some of “the meek” who need those strong leaders.

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