Our Fool Courage

Who has wrought the heavens?
And stuck us with a magic tree,
And let us kill and hate ourselves
Every day our souls to plea.

And who are we that cry so loud?
In the desert where we’re found
And why the faces full of tears?
As we struggle through these years.

Around we go
We jump and hop
We dance and sing
And then we stop.

Light falls from other planes
To make our burdens known
And He who came as us in form
Will come again some day.

Let the stones be silent now
As we cry in our great fear
He whose sword is drenched in blood
We pray his violence to draw near.


8 thoughts on “Our Fool Courage

  1. Soulwalker, I was with you totally until the final two lines. I am guessing about a reference to the Second Coming, but am not sure. Anyway, I appreciate your soulangst at our human errors, at our foolishness in stopping the outpouring of joy, at our violence to each other.

  2. What a unique perspective…yet when you think about it, pure justice IS a violent sword. There is so much wrong to put right, may the day come soon!

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