Things don’t always go as planned
We flirt with things we know are banned
And pay a price that scares the soul
And all those tales they take their toll.

The heart is tricky so it seems
And leads the body where it deems
We never really feel quite free
Unless we come to worship thee.

The blessings that we squandered then
Mock us in our dirty pen
See us to the open grave
At the edge we pray to save.

Death is all around us here
And we have made good friends with fear
Longing for the day you come–
Our ransom was a hefty sum.

I would flee and fly away
Give my heart the strength to stay
If I wonder how you go
Send your angels; make me know.

Fragmented Dream

Enter in this open place
And lock the door behind
Sweep the floor and dust the sill
Take all the change you find.

Right the chair and clean the beer
From off the floor we spilled last night
Start the stove and warm the pan
And beat the eggs and milk just right.

Make the coffee; make it strong
Let the smell and sound appear
Wake me gently with voice and hand
And hug me close my dear.

An Ear to Hear I Boldly Seek

Tell me about repentance Lord–
The shock, the grave, the awesome death
Talk to me about the turning–
The the pain, the path, the happy rest.

Teach me about that better way–
The one with life and hope
Show me how I might not stray–
And gain purchase on the rocky slope.

Let me in that sacred door–
Where holy men have gone before
Make me as thine own dear son–
Righteous as the Holy One.

Give me turning from my pain–
The darkest hour sweetly calls
Raise me up to life again–
With vict’ry over soaring walls.

I Fear To Have You Look Upon Me

Blessings follow righteous men
And I will take the slop
The way my heart deceives itself
Makes it hard to stop.

The devil is a lying soul
And knows my weakest thought
But it is I who rush to sin
And make my blessings naught.

I only want to see your face
And worship at your feet
But fear to feel your iron gaze
Should our eyes but meet.

I am not a righteous man
So wicked down inside
Do not look upon me Lord
I’ve nowhere left to hide.

The only thing that will save
Is what I fear the most to see
That you might turn your sight this way
And then in time consider me.

To My Love IX

I thought I might give up tonight
But then I thought of you
The struggle and the failure hurts
And wrecks a pretty view.

I hope the Lord forgives me now
If I struggle for awhile
Thinking of you instead of him
On this lonely mile.

I think our God will understand
Weak He was a baby too
But in the end if He is gone
Then I will never get to you


I hear the bells that chime tonight
And rifle shots that clear the air
And folded flags, gifts from the dead–
A cloak of sorrow for to wear.

Nowhere in the dead of night
Is there now a place to rest
Yet the chains of slavery
Teach me of the holy blest.

With the mantle now upon
The heavy shoulders of my soul
I will walk the world awhile
As the living pay their toll.


I can’t hear the angels sing
When I ride to town
But I know that Sally’s there
Working all around.

I know she’s not the one to stay
And not the one to keep
But Still I go to see her now
Knowing it’s not cheap.

But cost is a surprising thing
And hard to see from over here
But I’ll have fun tonight with her
And tomorrow pay quite dear.

Come What May

To dance another dance
Another twirl, another spin
Another dip, another bow
Another tale to be in.

To laugh another laugh
And make another smile
To share a funny joke
And feel free for a while.

To sing another song
Even if a dirge
To sing it all night long
Till a soul feels the purge.

Let the dreams be kept warm
And the fire warmer still
On the cold winter’s night
Where pain breaks the will.