The Waves Would Speak to Thee

The sunset carried waves so far
That they forgot their home
And as they crashed upon the shore
They made a frothy foam.

The ocean has a deep cold feel
Where mysteries abound
When you find yourself alone
The waves will take you down.

Do not despair your weakness here
You are not alone
When far away upon the sea
You remember home.

The ocean is a magic world
Where you are not the king
And sometimes you can travel there
And hear the sirens sing.

But when their voices pierce the night
Don’t heed their haunting call
Pay no regard to that sweet breast
That beckons to your fall.

It is not so difficult
To lose yourself at sea
But finding home is very hard
The waves would speak to thee.


6 thoughts on “The Waves Would Speak to Thee

  1. I really like this poem. The idea of staying grounded and not losing yourself among the waves was very well portrayed.

    Also, I love your blog heading picture. It’s very similar to the one I have on mine and is very striking.

  2. I like this a LOT–and have to tell you an interesting coincidence: As I was riding the bus home today from doing errands, I was letting my mind wander poetically–and I was thinking about the deep waves and how they can threaten to take you down. And what do you know–here’s your poem; so, guess we were visiting the same mental/emotional/spiritual seashore! God bless you abundantly today (keep the faith).

  3. Oh, soulwalker, I can see I have been so remiss in not expressing how I have been feeling about the photo you use as your heading. “Unto these hills” always calls to me. I am sublimely happy when hiking in the mountains! You poem here about the waves being a siren calling us, tempting us away from being “grounded” is just superb. Much wisdome and beauty of compostion here. The rhythms mimicked the wave actions quite successfully, I thought.

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