Last Dance for Now

The thing is…
No one’s really learning much
Except to conform
In their individuality.
The days are expensive
And the nights often cost the soul
But old ones stamp approval
And so the world burns down
Slowly like the last joint
At that party you probably should never have gone to–
But you did.
The world is a party
And it may be time to leave.

9 thoughts on “Last Dance for Now

    1. Perhaps you should not immediately be concerned with every poem you see. I am a philosopher and social criticism comes as natural to me as breathing. Not everything is current… not everything is personal… and some things are just made up. You know this, of course, but I thought I would remind you.

      1. Thank you for that reminder, dear one–I am Guilty of being an over-worrier! Must be that barren “maternal streak” of mine–my need to mother strangers, wherever I find them. I surely don’t mean to drive you crazy–it distresses me, too, when folks read my work and jump to wrong conclusions. I am a poet, not a reporter–and my blog is not a personal “diary”. Love and prayers to you this day, and always.

  1. The “dance” that much of our world is on right now certainly needs to be departed from by any of us with a smidgen of aged wisdom! Wonderful poem here, one of my favorites of yours!

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