A Certain Place

There is a view
in a certain place
That puts my soul
at ease.
It isn’t striking
And isn’t sharp
But there is plenty of green
And the soul needs green
And the soul needs shelter–
A harbour,
A fortress,
a place to hide away
Let my soul hide itself
Let it learn to trust
Flee no more
The hills you see are where you look is where
your help

Last Dance for Now

The thing is…
No one’s really learning much
Except to conform
In their individuality.
The days are expensive
And the nights often cost the soul
But old ones stamp approval
And so the world burns down
Slowly like the last joint
At that party you probably should never have gone to–
But you did.
The world is a party
And it may be time to leave.

To My Love X

My legs grew strong as I grew up
Always walking here and there
Loads were carried on my back
Up and down and everywhere.

I didn’t know the days would be
Quite as long as this
Until my legs begin to fail
I guess this road is bliss.

The way I travel’s getting light
Though heavy weights are known to hide
But in the light of glory hides
The route I travel with my stride.

I never thought I’d be this old
And still I walk along
I think you know just what I mean
I walk to spurn the throng.

I don’t know what the future holds
And fear I’ll die alone
But stranger things have lower odds
And come strait from the throne.

So let the woods where I once walked
Be a refuge now for you
And so my heart will have to stop
And rest while you are passing through.

Drops of Rain on Angel’s Wings

I hear the beating in the air
The sound is music in the rain
The storm is loud but I don’t care
The music is what keeps me sane.

The heart is lifted by the notes
Rushing, waiting, standing still
Floating in the airs of time
Waiting for to get their fill.

When they pass we are changed
And all that went before
Is reawakened in different light
And hope comes to the fore.

The Rage of Hope In My Submission

I dream of beasts with hearts of gold
And jaws like ancient mosters told
In tales forgotten long ago
So it goes in my dreams.

I wish for life even now
With hearts so light as though in love
And tears that drip slowly down
Full of joy complete.

I see a flicker in the dark
A candle flame that steals the night
And takes you to a holy place
Where light explodes inside.

So let the demons rage and scream
And let the angel’s trumpets sound
And bring the clash into my dream
And out again to life abound.