Sacrosanct in desert sands

Time has left the healing gone

Sharing vision bleeding grace

Beg forgiveness to move on.


The last and best with edge of green

Flirting on the border fraught

Between the trees and sand so lean

That shows the change we hope we’re taught.


The vision hypostatic there

We fly in dreams to reach that shore

Communicatio Idiomatum 

We struggle holding disparate lore. 


Sacred joys we see afar

Searching in the sandy storm

Winter deserts blowing hard

We dream of homes were hearts are warm.

2 thoughts on “Elements

  1. We are so very much caught up in the blowing desert sands of our life’s daily struggles, seeking always that warm-hearted home of resting place and comfort and clearn Vision, at last! Beautiful, totally enfolding sort of poem here today, soulwalker. Thank you!

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