Stealing Home

Stealing home we make our dreams
And wonder that they come to us
With purest light blocked by the sun
We somehow stumble on our way.

Who believes in their own lies?
And who can take hypocrisy
Division in one’s soul is pain
And tearing is such misery.

I who wait and cannot wait
Sitting on the mountainside
Dreaming of the summit there
Dreaming still I dream a dream.

Obstacles pave many roads
Which lead us where we want to go
There is a way to get up there
But we must travel on the road.

3 thoughts on “Stealing Home

  1. I love all of this. We do tell ourselves necessary lies and cling to them for survival. And surely the obstacles DO pave the roads, and in of themselves often lead us to where we need to go–where we’ll be ultimately happy and content, fulfilled. Good work . (and by the by, I didn’t know anything about the Planaquarium poem you requested info about–the only Planaquarium I was familiar with, was the blogger who deleted their blog recently…) God bless you abundantly today, and always.

      1. But I thought you were asking for a saved poem/post?? In any event, I don’t have anything–not even her/his email address. Sorry (and, another blogger and I were discussing it, wondering what happened; we agreed we’d try to bid everyone adieu, before exiting Blogville–assuming that was physically possible, that we hadn’t also left the planet…).

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