At the close of day I find
The views of life are different some
And when we long to lose ourselves
We run around to where we’re from.

And all the while we think we see
But every corner that we round
Shows us views that couldn’t be
And yet we follow like a hound.

I think that in the longing rests
A beauty that we soon forget
And though we think we know what’s best
It never yields the safest bet.


4 thoughts on “Greyhound

  1. I’m not sure if I’m completely off track here, but what struck me when I read the words, “in the longing rests a beauty that we soon forget”–I was thinking that my longing for things/persons/circumstances usually proved sweeter than the reality, if/when I got it…

  2. How very true, soulwalker, how SOON we forget the beauty we glimpsed when we were very still and just at rest! We too soon start running to follow the “maddening crowd”, don’t we? Thank you for another very beautifully deep and provocative poem today.

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