When Tomcats Were Sweet Cats

The dearest me I ever saw
Died a long time gone
And though I’ve not quite missed him much
I know that he was special.

But though he may be gone for good
And raised no more to see
Room is made for other things
That struggle to get free.

I don’t feel that I’m getting on
But I’m not on my own
And even though the night is long
I think the day will come.


7 thoughts on “When Tomcats Were Sweet Cats

  1. As with much of your work, I like this but am not sure why–can’t put my finger on it, so I hope that’s okay with you. Guess I’d like to say that my “dearest me” is who I am now–so that’s pretty cool–maybe I’ll get even better? God bless you today and always–abundantly.

  2. I guess the proper blog response would be: cheer up, buck up and all that…even if in my head I’m thinking man, that’s f’d up…=))

    so I’ll just say as long as Tom cats still smile,laugh and share like Sweet cats, there’s only more to found in the “struggle to be free”. Best of Luck, Que.

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