Every Grain

Love and other highs
We dream of every time we fall
And search the world to find with hearts
So broken by the fall
Is not so far away from us
The darkest night withstanding not
We think we see so clearly
in the rolling fog.
I fear the night but seek it’s cover
deep within its inky folds
I treat her like my
Blessed mother
As she hides me from the truth.

Round and round we go
leaving off is not a hope
Stopping is a fear of man
Hanging is a joyful rope.

They nailed my savior to some wood
But he did not resist
And I grew up to need him
Millennia from the day.

“Blessed is he who walks not…”
And this is proven true
And every hour in the hole
Makes God’s love that much brighter
And we can strive and fight and rage
But all our sinning leaves us low
And does not heal us from the sins
That were done to us.

The desert is a peaceful place
And wind blows sand and grit
And everything is so simple
And we sit down to pray.

One day at a time
One day at a time
Every day
One day at a time.

Can you hear the songbird sing?
In that place you thought so dead
Can you feel the hand of God?
Can you feel at all?

“Now I lay me down to sleep
The Lord I pray my soul to keep…”
I cannot hold the sand
It runs right through my hands
I watch it fall
I watch it go
And every grain is God’s.


2 thoughts on “Every Grain

  1. There’s a lot of beauty and depth in this. And of course I don’t understand it–wish you could sit down with me and talk it through, so I could “get it”. But it is beautiful–and maybe that’s all I’m supposed to get. God bless you today–it is Friday, thank you Lord! (hope that doesn’t offend)

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