What Is My Tale?

Remember that movie
I think you know the one
Where the dad
sends his son
out of love
So that he can
one day
be more
than he is.
Remember when the boy
asks his father,
“How will I find my way home?”
and his father
“Just follow your feet.”
Do you

I am lost.
I remember but…

How do you
follow your

How do I get home?


6 thoughts on “What Is My Tale?

  1. This makes me sad, really sad–so if the poet’s mission is to reach in deep to our wounds, you’ve certainly done your job well. God bless you abundantly today, and always.

  2. Yes, I have been meditating very much on how I pretty much did this with my own children, at least pscyologically. I wanted no limits to their horizons–and it is working out very well. We connect online multiple times a day and deeply support each other’s dreams. I would say we follow our feet by following our dreams. Home is truly where the heart is, also.

  3. Skillfully done =) having framed your poem with questions, and giving it a conversational tone, feels like you’re speaking to the reader alone. We can nod at your first questions ( i actually did anyways… =))…but I feel there is no real way to answer your following questions…because how many of us are lost ourselves? Take care, Que

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