I rowed the man back to his beach
In the darkness did I glide
The stillness of the night did teach
Yet I still want to run and hide.

The man lived by himself most times
And this we saw in how he spoke
But out upon the people’s edge
It’s hard to hide the words that broke.

Looking back after he left
I saw the lone light beckoning
And all about the sweet still night
Was reverence for this one sure thing.

The oars hit down upon the wet
And lit the water magically
A mystic light that spoke and yet
It’s hard to let the magic be.

I let the fire in my soul
Die down very low
Yet even in the cold still night
The embers still will glow.

8 thoughts on “Dinghy

  1. you have this skillful way of capturing moments, that without even being there we can create the scene from your words, I felt this with “The Dance” as well. I think I can fill up this whole post with outstanding lines, but will mention just a few:
    “The stillness of the night did teach” what a soulful image.
    “But out upon the people’s edge/It’s hard to hide the words that broke.”
    -people’s edge…never heard of that, but like it, it really underlines the solitude of this poem’s situation.
    fourth stanza…I think is my very favourite…the rhythm of the first line…it sounds like water droplets falling…short words that paint a whole still scene.
    last stanza…what a beautiful finish, a lingering warmth that beckons you to relive the moment =) Thank you for this, Take care, Que

  2. Memories of a love light glowing in the dark, awaiting someone’s return. Remembering helping someone home–how beautiful a human experience described here so well.

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