And Next Time With Our Pipes

There the tide that brought us in
Fought to keep us from the boat
While creatures twice our size and more
Looked upon us swimming.

The sunset on the water made
All the ocean set ablaze
Nothing but the burning beauty
Meant for us to see.

The vastness of the mountain sweep
Running to the sea
Was like a painting as we swam
Hung just so for you and me.

I will not forget that day
Falling off my board
Smoking in the cabin hold
Out beyond the world.

10 thoughts on “And Next Time With Our Pipes

  1. How sad it is to know that I am the only pipe connoisseur in Fairbanks now. Okay, maybe that’s putting it a bit too dramatic, but all of my pipe friends have either left towne or are abstaining from it. All I can do is recall those memories now through this poem. Thank-ee.

  2. Ah, dear man, this brings back so many memories of wonderful days spent on the water, either of large lake, gulf, or ocean! All of those times truly put me “out beyond the world.” Thank you so much for such a well-crafted poem to remind me!

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