The Readers Answered

Since the response to my question was swift, voluminous, and positive I have decided to “hold a little gathering.”

First: we will vote on a topic (there will be three days to vote from the time of this post).

Second I will accept submissions (there will be a week for you to compose or select a poem of your own creation).

Third I will post submissions for everyone else to read, experience, and discuss (if desired).

The topics to vote on are:

1) Earthday
2) Easter
3) Unity

Thank you to jhasmoments for the topic suggestions. To Vote, leave a comment (on this post) with one of the above three topics. I will announce the winning topic after three days and then everyone (myself included) can begin composing their poems (or sifting through your archives for just the right one).

There are very few rules. I am not in the habit of censoring– but if your poem is controversial you should be prepared to enter a discussion about it (a civil discussion, mind you). The only real rule is that the poem must be your own (meaning you wrote it). That is all. Let the voting begin…


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