On The “Poetic Gathering”

For those of you participating in the “little gathering,” I have a few details.

You have until Thursday morning to submit your poems to me. I will not tell you what time zone I may or may not be in on Thursday or what time I generally get up in the morning… but if you submit your poem by Wednesday night (anywhere in the world) you should be fine.

Submit poems via e-mail to:


I will have all the poems up by sometime on Monday (it obviously depends on how many poems I receive and what the conditions are like in the mountains).

It occurs to me that this whole thing is a bit confusing to talk about without a name. I have one. I will hold onto it for now. If I like how the whole thing goes I will divulge the name and perhaps do the whole thing again.

I look forward to reading everyone’s poem on the subject of Unity. I hope you all look forward to reading each other’s poems as well. Cheers.


One thought on “On The “Poetic Gathering”

  1. Oh, soulwalker, I am disappointed that my schedule this week did not allow me to meet the dealine for submitting a poem on Unity! However, I do hope you do this again–and hope I will be able to submit in time then. Next time (if there is one), I will compose and submit something the same day you announce it. Have most wonderful time in the mountains (where you are now, probably. I am SO playing catch up after a very busy and blessed Holy Week and long Easter holiday weekend)

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