On the Submissions of Poems on Unity.

It has been brought to my attention that I did not give a date for the submission deadline… (this is where I roll my eyes). Since that is actually true (I checked) I am changing the submission deadline to next Thursday (April 19th, 2012). I will have them up by sometime on the following Monday (April 23rd, 2012). Please forgive any confusion I may have caused (more eye-rolling). If you have already submitted a poem (Thank you, the few I have gotten are very interesting) please be patient as another week will pass before it gets posted. Cheers to everyone.

(e-mail submissions to: asoulswalk@lavabit.com
expect a response via said e-mail after you send your submission- if you do not get one in a day or two leave a comment on the blog to make sure I received your submission)


2 thoughts on “On the Submissions of Poems on Unity.

  1. Oh, WOW–so I wasn’t going crazy and over-looking deadline, after all! Will submit a short poem on Unity no later than 12:00 noon CDT(U.S.) on 04/16/2012. So glad to be given this “second chance”. Thank you.

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