In That Hour

In the darkest hour
Of the darkest day
On the darkest year
Of a cold dark life
When all seems lost
And ruin is at hand
Then is the hour of redemption come
Then is the time for the light.

It doesn’t seem as if life holds
And hope has fled the heart
But from the ashes
The dead will rise
And flesh will take to bones.

Feel the pain course through your veins
Your fingers to your toes
Taste the blood in your slack jaw
And see the dead take life.


3 thoughts on “In That Hour

  1. i read this in the wee hours of the morning and now again near noon, but the feeling is still unshakeable…your detailed description of bodily actions are so exact and just imagining them gives me a shudder…yet there is hope in this piece during what i think is an end…hope after death…redemption…i love the light when it is darkest..when you have given up…as you can see by the rambling…really trying to put into words how incredible this piece is.

    1. I’m surprised (still) every time I find that something I wrote has an effect on someone. I often don’t think about anyone else at all when I’m writing… often the writing just seems like this selfish, narcissistic, cathartic thing I do… it is a strange feeling evoked by hearing that my words have moved someone. Be well.

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