“Create in me…”

Another day to live my life
But how can I make myself believe?
That this really is my life–
And what does that even mean?

Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck outside
Watching someone “live” a life
Unable to slow the ebbing tide
Or dry a single drop of strife.

I see this person do these things
Good and bad and in between
But disconnected still I sing
And still I wonder what it means.

Living life is hard sometimes
And sometimes turns to all the time
I’d like a break from these times
But fire raises dross.

13 thoughts on ““Create in me…”

  1. Second Stanza….made me chuckle in that self-pitying way…how true…how so very true. It’s one thing to float above, it feels you have no control…it’s a freeing feeling…but to watch as if right beside…one feels powerless yet responsible more than ever…expertly captured. Thank you.

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