Genesis Chapter Three

I am dust.

I think I have always known this
And I don’t really remember not hating snakes.
They seem shifty I think
I’m glad I’ve never heard one talk to me.

I am dust.

It’s funny not knowing things
It’s hard to believe other people when they tell you
To stay away.

I am dust.

Now we all know nakedness
Now we are all ashamed
Now it takes blood
And not even our own.

We are dust.

Being caught is awful
Failing someone you love is awful
Even failing yourself is awful
It’s hard not to point
It’s hard not to blame
It’s hard not to rationalize
And reinterpret…

But we are dust.

One day I will return
And make the ground my home
In ashes out at sea
Or bones laid in the dirt
All my sins will win
And those done unto me
And all my fathers too
And this might be a while.

I will return.

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