Some Days, The Long Ones

Have you ever thought,
“will I make it?”
I bet you have.

I don’t know if you will
I certainly have my doubts
but they are mostly about me
not you.

I am sure you have hoped
that life is more than
because yours are so bad
and well,
if feelings were life
then life would be

I have hoped that too.

Getting up again
the next day
the day after
it’s not that easy.

You know this.

I can tell.

I’m sorry you know this
I wish you didn’t.

I wish I didn’t.

But maybe we need to
and maybe there is a we
and maybe there will be a we
and maybe we
are not


12 thoughts on “Some Days, The Long Ones

  1. What a compassionate persona =) the use of “you” in your lines makes it sound so personal and reads like a one-on-one conversation. The admittances show vulnerability yet there is strength in acknowledging shared fears. Great flow, i was dismayed that the ending came too quickly =)

    “I’m sorry you know this
    I wish you didn’t.

    I wish I didn’t.”


    1. I (of course) cannot accept an any award with “Sunshine” in the title (In the advent of a substantial monetary component I might have to reconsider… but I would definitely be a sell-out for doing so). This is where you can smile or laugh (or both… but that takes a lot of energy so be careful). I hope that you have enjoyed me being serious by telling a joke. I do it all the time. Cheers.

    1. You know, the duplicate comment thing really aggravates me. If I want to tell fifty people thank you I don’t see what the problem is… not that this has much to do with you, of course, but I had to vent somewhere.

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