Genesis Chapter Five

Dear Enoch,

What was it like?
(to be taken, I mean)
Why were you taken?
Where did you go?

The leaves still turn
and fall to earth
And seasons come and go
Still we toil with our hands
Our backs are sore and tired.

What would you say?
To us still here
What would you let us know?
How did you walk?
(and did you fly?)
And will we ever go?


4 thoughts on “Genesis Chapter Five

  1. The only two ever taken up without dying in the flesh were Enoch and Elijah. Even Our Lord died, was buried and rose again the third day and then spent 40 days (?) in His resurrected physical body bearing scars before His own ascencion. Wonderful to write a poem asking where Enoch is and what he is doing now.

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